Fulltime game writer on June’s Journey, a top hidden object game from Wooga (April 2019-Present)

June’s Journey


“Seeking the Great Current”  Daily Science Fiction (co-written with Sean Williams), (March 2018):

  • “The ghost of this dead girl refuses to look at her body. But then, of course, she does look. They always do. It’s stiff and curled in on itself, eyes open, staring up at the moon. Her face is blank and pale, her rough-woven shift stained black. A shell necklace is knotted in her hair. Blue veins, darker than the unfinished tattoos around her ears, extend from the bite-mark in her neck down to her collarbone.” 


Shivered” (Stage) debuted at the Adelaide Fringe Festival (from the 16th – 18th of February 2018)

  • ‘Shivered’ is a thrilling debut stage production about obsession, regret and trying desperately to do the right thing in life. Whatever that means.

Review of ‘Shivered’: 



‘Heroes’ Tears’ Adventure Module [Forthcoming]


Linger” (Stage) debuted at the Adelaide Fringe Festival (from the 15th – 19th of March 2017)

Linger received a Senior Commendation in the 2017 Flinders University Young Playwrights Award.

  • When Samantha’s childhood friend, Cory, dies, the official report claims suicide. But then Cory’s ghost comes back and reconnects with Samantha, leading her on a mission to discover the truth about his death.”Linger” is a debut stage production about death, friendship, depression and youth, written and directed by Matthew Cropley

Reviews of ‘Linger’: 





Small FishDimension6 – Issue 8 (July 2016):

  • A fantasy story where a pair of thieves discover that they’re not the only criminals prowling the streets of Caravor.


The Rescue JobSword and Sorcery Magazine – June 2016 (June 2016):

  • A fantasy adventure in which a young thief and a well-meaning mage try to rescue a child and soon regret their generosity.